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Gift Cards
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This is a e-mailed gift card.

Gift cards are sent to email address listed on the order at checkout.

This card will be used for single purchase gift orders only and cannot be used as payment for subscription orders.

The recipient will call us to place a single order of their choice.

Let our chefs pamper your friend or colleagues with a delicious heart-healthy menu Perfect for any occasion! New arrivals, Mothers Day, Birthdays, "get well soon", "thanks for a job well done!" or just to say "I care enough to send the gift of heart-warming meals".

E-Gift Cards will be sent immediately upon successful completion of your transaction. If you wish to delay delivery to arrive on a birthday or anniversary, please send it to yourself first and then either print to send via postal mail; or forward via e-mail on the date you wish.

Please make your selection carefully.  There are no refunds once a gift card as been authorized and  e-mailed.

As a convenience  we offer a 5, 8, 10 meal plan gift amount priced to include ground shipping. Tax and Express shipping extra at the time of ordering the meals.  

Thank you.